HI-Lifter Pumps

LEADER HI-LIFTER Stainless Steel Body Horizontal Submersible Pump sets are reliable and efficient the manufacturing standards is ISO-9001 of highest quality. The special design and salient Technical features ensures efficient operation even at the High Heads in lower HP and low Voltage suitable for Lifting water from open well, Underground Tanks, Canals and Fountains.


The LEADER HI-LIFTER Horizontal Submersible Pump can supply water for High Rise building water supply, Fountains, Irrigation, Rural & Urban drinking water supply Industrial and commercial water supply. Farm Houses, Air Conditioners, Agriculture Garden and Drip Irrigation uses.

Technical Specification

  • Motor and Pumps body of Stainless Steel to resist corrosion and for longer life.
  • All rotating parts of motor and pump are dynamically balanced to ensure noiseless, vibration free operation and long bearing life.
  • The rotor of motor is made with E.C. grade copper for longer life and low consumption of power.
  • The pump is specially Designed for High Head and High Discharge as compared to other pumps.
  • Light weight and hence easy to transport and install.

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